Creativity in a pitch: how important is it?

Creativity in a pitch: how important is it?

Creativity: how important is it when pitching? The idea of standing up in front of a panel of individuals and pitching for new business or investment can understandably be daunting for many. But using strong creative throughout can help get your points across and inspire your audience. You want to show off what you can provide that your competitors can’t. Using creative assets will spark your audience’s imagination and can be the decisive factor that brings income into the business.

A picture tells a thousand words, and sometimes when you go in to see a team of very busy planners and buyers, they need a visual to help grasp the concept. Although creative helps, the most important part of a pitch is how you set them up with your speech. Your conversation will help you to build a rapport, and once you have their attention and trust, imagery and creative will bring it to life and draw the client in even further.

One of the main points to consider is that you will be going up against a range of competitors. The next question you should then ask yourself is how you can stand out from them. What products does your business create which will give you an edge?

One of the best ways to achieve a creative pitch is through the use of visuals, infographics and videos. Not only can you summarise your company’s points with a greater appeal than standard bullet points but you can also show off your creative abilities. Whether you use graphs, photos, charts or Gifs to illustrate your point, having a visual asset to look at will help emphasize your argument, make it clearer and most importantly more memorable.

It’s important to show variety in your presentation: you want to show off a creative profile which will give you an edge. When showing examples, target them towards the client. Looking at the aims and targets of a brief will help you determine the elements which need to be included: whether they’re looking for facts and figures, raising awareness, educating followers, increasing relevancy or upping revenue, these can all be shown and presented in the form of a creative asset such as a GIF, emoji, infographic, video, chart, graph or branded images.