Top tips for creating engaging content for sports fans

Top tips for creating engaging content for sports fans

Sport is a global industry which is growing year on year. Dedicated fans from a range of sports including football, rugby, basketball, American football, cricket and many more all avidly support their teams and are constantly looking for content which satisfies their cravings. Revenue from the market is growing yearly, with revenue projections for the industry not slowing down anytime soon. This sector presents a unique opportunity for brands and organisations to enter, create content which will engage with an expanding audience. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to reach your target demographic and appeal to a wider audience.

Be Informative

One of the most important parts of creating content for sports fans is making it informative. Keeping supporters up to date with the latest knowledge about their chosen topic will attract individuals to your work. One of the most important aspects when creating informative sports pieces is to input added value. What can you provide the reader with which they can’t find on any other platform? Having exclusive features which are updated in real time puts your organisation in a competitive position within the industry and allows for reactive accurate analysis to be put into fruition.


Sports fans love an experience. The work you produce needs to be creative and entertaining to give people a reason to view your content. It’s important to examine the tone of voice used within. Keeping articles and social media posts lighthearted and humorous will help drive supporters to your pages and will allow more interaction to take place as a result. As well as written articles it’s important you include a range of added elements which help make the work shareable and exposes your piece to a new audience. Some of the best resources to include are videos, GIFS, witty replies, commentary, high-resolution images, and even engagement tools. All of these added elements will not only bridge the gap between you and your audience but also provides for a dialogue to begin.

Engagement tools

Interaction is key. Over recent years innovation has taken place and as a result, a range of engagement tools are now readily available. Not only do these make consumers feel like they are more involved but they also provide a way individuals can compete against friends or other supporters.

Some of the best interaction tools include fantasy leagues and predictors. These can be created for a range of sports and many are white labelled allowing all organisations and sites to use the technology. Many fans enjoy using these tools due to the access they receive to player insights, records and key facts. Other products which should be utilized when creating sports content include opinionators, news tickers, countdown timers and quizzes.

One of the main benefits of including these types of assets on to your work is the ability to retain your audience. Insightful content allows for your viewers, readers and listeners to develop their skills, succeed in fantasy competitions and indulge in the sport and team they love. The more individuals get involved and spread your work the wider the audience you will reach.


Why not create in a new format? Podcasts are a great way of getting your views across to your audience in instalments. Sports podcast are some of the top broadcasts on the internet, attracting listeners from all around the world to listen and learn about their favourite teams, digest tactics and future odds. Podcast allow for an exceptional amount of communication with fans and can often develop into a successful brand. Not only are listeners able to comment on pre-records they could also have the ability to phone in or send a topical message to the hosts whilst live. Most podcasts are downloadable giving your audience control over when and how they listen.

Measure the success of content

Whether you’re posting on social media, writing blog articles, posting infographics online or producing a podcast it’s important to measure the success of the content going out. Track what is working, what is attracting the most interaction, what the fans like and don’t. Not only will this help you create impactful content which resonants it also provides your audience with the best possible work which they value, share and can engage with leading to further brand development opportunities.