Why companies should use infographics to communicate key points

Why companies should use infographics to communicate key points

Companies are constantly looking for new ways to present information to their followers. Over the past few years, one of the most used and successful ways is through infographics. These allow you to present information, data and knowledge in a visual manner. The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, with over 65% of people retaining information easier if it’s paired with a relevant image.


One way Infographics help drive traffic is through their natural input of SEO and link building. The viral nature of these images makes them the perfect medium increase your page ranking. Sharing an infographic over numerous platforms is a natural way to drive traffic and improve your position on web pages like Google and Bing using their algorithm.


These graphics provide a great way to engage with your followers and readers. With a well thought out and attractive design, your post can develop significant traction on social media platforms and get shared on these and relevant websites. This allows you to gain a substantial reach with the potential to gain a momentous reward as a result. Another great idea is to provide the HTML code to the infographic. This means that when other websites use your image it will link back to your website.

An alternative way to gain significant reach is through identifying promotional partners. Whether these are influencers in the industry, relevant websites and blogs, industry journalists or business vendors, choosing the correct partners will help you target your audience. These strategies may include both paid and organic promotion, but you need to make sure the cost to produce content doesn’t outdo the potential reach leading the campaign into failure.


Consumers do not want to read a lot of information, therefore it’s paramount you only include the most important figures and minimal written content. You don’t want to overload the graphic, if you do, it can be distracting and disengage your readers. Creating well-designed infographics can bring information to life. It’s important the graphic is attractive, easily viewable and portable – allowing it to be published on websites/blogs and social media.

When targeting a specific audience, it’s imperative you choose the correct type of infographic to create. If you’re trying to provide an informative message why not create a static long scrolling format allowing you to visually explain your points, products and services. Including motion and animations will allow you to explain systems and processes giving you complete control over the viewer experience. Another option is to turn your infographic into a video. Converting information into an interactive source allows you to bring your data and branding to life.