Top 3 design tips to make your work stand out

Top 3 design tips to make your work stand out

When it comes to attracting an audience online it can be difficult. Each designer has their own techniques, thoughts and opinions on how to best keep your work attractive. At Snack Media our main aim is to create audience engagement with sports fans all around the world. To reach our goals we constantly look at the design and evaluate how we can creatively diversify ourselves from other sports digital agencies in the market and online in general. Here are our top three design tips to make your work stand out from the crowd online.

Stay Fresh

One of the most important aspects when creating artwork is to stay modern. Its vitally important you change with the times and keep the style of content fashionable and current. One of the main elements to remember is that for your work to stand out it can’t look like anything else out there on the market. If you’re copying your competitors you’re always one step behind.

Staying fresh can be difficult. After producing the same content over a long period of time you can become blinkered. Instead, examine your audience. What resonates, what are they looking for? A simple change in layout or colour can transform your work.


Once you have all the skills it’s easy to actually create a graphic or video once you know how to. However, coming up with an Idea/visualisation in your head of what you want your design to look like is sometimes the hardest part. Websites like Behance and Pinterest are great to see what other people are creating around the same design theme as you. What is paramount when you look at these is to not get drawn into what you see and produce a design which mimics other creators work.

Let’s take the medium of Infographics as an example, if you google the word you get a range of designs – some standout and others blend in with the background. When creating infographics you need to look at the format, colours, data and most importantly the audience you are targeting. More than ever, content is turning motion animated. 80% of global internet traffic will be videoed by 2019. On social platforms like Twitter, 82% of users will be watching these. Therefore, why not make your infographics animated. This allows for creators to diversify their work to look distinctive to yourself and the company.


One of the main tips we can offer creators who are looking to versatile their offering is to look at the tools you are using. The great thing about graphic design is how quickly technology is developing. Being confident in all software will help broaden the possibilities.  It is all great being a genius on photoshop, but If you don’t know how to use After Effects, Illustrator, or any other great means of software, you are really narrowing the window of opportunity when it comes to tasks you will be able to take on.

Look at the below infographic – as shown all designers choose Adobe products to create. The top three, Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign are the most important software to designers. It’s important to have a significant grasp on how to use the technology and tools within. Not only will this allow you to create innovative designs it will also provide you with a platform where you can develop your creative skills even further.