Pot Noodle Rio 2014

Pot Noodle Rio 2014

The Challenge.

Give Pot Noodle a ubiquitous unofficial sponsor voice during the 2014 World Cup to promote the #BBBQ Brazilian Barbeque Pot Noodle.

The Campaign.

  • A display, editorial and real-time marketing partnership with The Lad Bible
  • The summer’s only football-focused meme generator
  • Editorial and social content driving views of Pot Noodle’s #Brozilian video campaign
  • Viral Twitter conversation between Football Fan Cast and Pot Noodle
  • Real-time England Survival Pack sent out on FootballFanCast.com and The Lad Bible

The Results.

Social exposure: 56m
Ad impressions served: 9m
Meme generator views: 220,000
Of Brozilian viral video: 107,000 views

Number 1 trending topic in the UK: Pot Noodle’s #LifesABeach hashtag