Why sports blogs should implement fan engagement tools

Why sports blogs should implement fan engagement tools

With the expansion of the internet, there are thousands of blogs on every conceivable subject and this breadth is especially wide in the realm of sports. Individuals who create sports content are now looking to diversify their offering. Often high-profile blogs partner with sports digital agencies like Snack Gaming to increase traffic, revenue and produce content which is attractive. One way to achieve this through fan engagement tools.

When implemented well, fan engagement tools can increase interaction and time spent on a site. There are a variety of tools on the market. These include voting articles, opinion polls, fantasy tools, predictors and countdown timers to name a few. To get the chance to engage with the content and cast your opinion provides many readers with a reason to revisit. It also helps drive content creation making sure it is in line with what the fans want.

Other tools include news tickers which allow a blog to have a breaking sports headline scrolling along the bottom of the page as readers are browsing the content. With this, the blog not only acts as a breaking news source but it also creates a forward-thinking and creative atmosphere for your site.

Relating to the latest of social media can increase traffic as it integrates sports and pop culture. Meme generators help keep posts entertaining by captioning popular memes to fit your subject or taking a snapshot from a sporting event and turning it into a comedy or skills GIF. Additionally, quizzes can increase a following as people encourage their friends to visit the site in order to take part in a competition. These recommendations can be turned into followers which further extends the reach and traffic.

For a blog, fan engagement is the key to a large followership and boosted website traffic. Getting fans to the website is one thing, but retaining them is the most important and this can be done by keeping the blog interactive and fun using the aforementioned tools.